Lab & Facility

  The Factory
  PCnet expanded the factory plant in 2006.The square of new Hou Koa factory is 20,800m2. With the investments of the plant and manufacture lines, PCnet provides our customers with the best quality products.
  Production Line
  As a leading manufacturer in Taiwan, we investigated much capital on high-tech machines on research and development to make sure PCnet delivers the highest quality and most advanced products.
  Production Line
  To reach the big demand from our OEM customers, a huge amount of investment has been made to extend our production line. Production capacity reaches approximate 80,000 kft a month which is the largest capacity in Taiwan.
  AESA Test Equipment with integrated Keysight Analyzer
  PCnet R&D engineers are committed to providing the best quality of products. With the accurate testing equipment from AESA Cortaillod with integrated Keysight analyzer, 28 pairs cable can be tested at once, which makes the measurement of Alien Crosstalk parameter much more efficient and precise

Ready for the future

PCnet is ready for the future. Thanks to the most advanced testing technology from AESA Cortaillod, Cat8 cables can be characterized on the total frequency range with the balunless method. It also allows PCnet to be more green by reducing raw material waste by measuring shorter length.

  Planetary Twister
  It's a new trend to use multi-pair cable for most data centers. To manufacture diversified products and meet growing customers' demands, we invested the Planetary Twister which is one remarkable machine that can produce up to 50-pair cable at a time.